Danute Vaitekunaite is a collector, rearranging the present like a fabulating archeologist. Centering her work around the trivial and the intuitive, she creates narratives through unexpected meetings, embracing the tension of the spaces in-between. With an interest in colour, sculpture, space, language, and narrative, Danute’s practice remains interdisciplinary, not conforming to limitations of mediums.

Danute (born in Šiauliai, Lithuania) holds a BFA from La Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) in Strasbourg, France. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Art and Media in NYU Abu Dhabi. Danute has participated in a cross-disciplinary research artist residency in Maillon Theatre, France (2021) and her work has been exhibited in collective exhibitions in Syndicat Potentiel (2021) and La Chaufferie (2022) in France. She also has work experience in film production in France and Tunisia, as well as in cultural diplomacy in the UAE.